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We provide HIPAA-compliant, simple, and seamless medical credentialing and provider enrollment services. So you can pursue your practice without any hassle.


Benefits Of Our Services?

We provide the best medical credentialing outsourcing services and assist you through the complete enrollment procedure from applying to becoming an in-network provider.

Ensure Accuracy

We help with the verification & validation of all documents required for credentialing including medical licenses, malpractice insurance & DEA. we ensure accuracy to streamline your procedures.

Boost Efficiency

Our professional medical credentialing specialists assist you with provider enrollment, medical license renewal, and credentialing procedures efficiently.


We provide the best credentialing services to all sizes of healthcare practices. Our credentialing and enrollment solutions are HIPAA-compliant.

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About Us

We Provide The Best Medical Credentialing Services

Founded in 2011, the best credentialing services is another business venture of MHospital. MHospital has been helping healthcare providers with digital healthcare solutions for more than a decade. The best credentialing services is aimed to create a profound relationship between insurers and medical practitioners. We provide the most reliable, cost-effective, and HIPAA-compliant medical credentialing outsourcing services. Our team works as a virtual extension of your office and assists you with medical credentialing, provider enrollments, and medical license renewal procedures.

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Why Choose the Best Credentialing Services For Your Practice?

Most insurance companies require providers to get certifications from CMS/ Medicare, Medicaid, and Commercial plans as well as hospitals and surgery centers. Get connected with all insurance companies in your state and become an in-network provider so you can get reimbursements from each carrier. Years ago, healthcare providers used to consider medical credentialing services “optional”. However, now with modern healthcare coverage plans, it has become inevitable for healthcare providers to enroll with insurance companies. In this way, they can get an opportunity to cater to a larger patient base and deliver them cost-effective medical care services. Want to give an added boost of productivity to your business? Get a free demo of our medical credentialing and provider enrollment services anywhere in the USA.

Our Services

Get Connected With Insurance Payers & Get Paid More

Our best-in-class medical credentialing professionals leverage their expertise to make sure your payer contracts are favorable to your organization’s bottom line. We provide highly cost-effective, reliable, and efficient medical credentialing services to all sizes of healthcare practices.

Identify The Right Documents

You may have your name, experience, and everything else related to your career mentioned on your cv. However, that’s not enough for credentialing. Because even a slight error in your documents can lead to a delay of weeks or even months in your credentialing process. Our team collects, verifies, and validates every bit of data from your documents. 

New Credentialing and Re-credentialing

Whether you want to get new credentialing or want to re-credential with any payer, our credentialing solutions have got you covered. We provide credentialing solutions for New Credentialing & Medicare Group Enrollment, Medicare Individual Enrollment & Medicare Revalidations, Medicaid Group Enrollment & Medicaid Individual Enrollment, DME Credentialing & Facility Enrollments.

Completing The CAQH

Several healthcare insurers require healthcare facilities to apply for provider credentialing through the Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare. After applying, you have to fill out the form of 50 pages online or offline. Even a slight error or incomplete data can significantly delay your credentialing process. Also, you have to proceed with re-attestation. We shed the burden away from your shoulders and assist you at every step of credentialing. 

Schedule an appointment

Get connected with the best credentialing experts . You can contact us at any time according to the given schedule. 


Hear What Our Clients Say About Us?

We’ve had a wonderful working experience with the best credentialing services. Their team has exceptional communication skills and they coordinate with our office staff very well. They are very professional and dedicated to helping their clients with the quick utilization of seamless medical credentialing solutions.
Dr. Salma Micheal
Our Approach

How Does It Work?


Our Team

We offer the simplest and highly efficient medical credentialing solutions. If you want to outsource medical credentialing services then contact our team via our website or email. Request your services and we’ll reach out to you with 1 or 2 business days.


A Free Demo

Request A Free Demo We don’t believe that credentialing is the one-size-fits-all procedure. Every healthcare provider has unique requirements and requires customized solutions. You can request a free demo of our services and book a custom-tailored package for your services.


Get The Best Credentialing Services

Our professional credentialing experts provide the most reliable and promising credentialing services to help you get going with your medical practice. We regularly review your documents and inform you if they needed to be updated.

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Stay tuned with the best credentialing services to get the latest news and updates about the medical field, regulatory changes and credentialing requirements.